May 29, 2011

May - Expensive Month

I realized that the Month of May was really expensive for a parents like us. Aside from the monthly budget that we have (see our budget here.) now comes the enrollment, the things needed for Tami's school at sumabay pa ang new policy sa office. Gastos diba?

Last friday, i went to the bank around lunch to get money and enrolled Tami in her school. By the way, Tami's on Kinder 1 na. Aside from the school tuition fee with increase to almost 10%, Tami also needs books and notebooks that we will get on the school's bookstore because it has their own logo. Others like crayons, pads etc are the only things that you can buy in the bookstore outside the school. Gastos dba?

Some of her textbooks and notebooks. Workbooks will be given on the first week of school. Classes will start on June 7, 2011 and were still not buying Tami's school needs. Hubby said to do it next week.

After going to school for Tami's enrollment, i went to ATC to buy some office clothes but ended up with casual and rubber shoes!

Here's what i bought:

1 shirt from Arnold Palmer
3 Polo Blouse from Bossini (2 Long and 1 short sleeves)
1 Polo Blouse from Giordano

Short from Giordano Khakis

Puma Rubber shoes

Actually, i dont have plan of buying Rubber shoes but when i saw this style and the color, super like ko sya kaya ayan binili ko. Now im thinking of where to wear this rubber shoes.

Ang gastos talaga ng month na to! Wait till you see hubby's purchase..

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