May 23, 2011

Tiring Saturday...

I will blog now during my free time and later i will be going again in ATC for my 4pm schedule with my therapist.

With my previous post, i told here that hubby will be having his team building in Dangsky Resort in Laguna and last saturday was the day of his overnight outing. Since his office is in Alabang and the meet-up time for them is 5pm, after lunch, we went to ATC first before hubby goes to their office. Upon arriving in ATC we meet first his two agents then we go around, its like we have two bodyguards in our back following us all the time. hehe

Tami while walking, look on how he carries her handbag.
(Kit, love na love ni tami yung pink bag na padala mo, ang laman lang nman damit nya din and her flipflops)

Everytime we go to ATC or Southmall, i always leave Tami to some playground so i can do my errands and last Saturday, we went again in Timezone to play then after to Dave's Funhouse located beside the Rustan's and near the elevator.

Dave's Funhouse

Tami loved Dave's Funhouse (on my next post) and what's good about here is its not that crowded unlike in Southmall, halos magpalitan na ng mukha sa dami ng bata because of the small place. After leaving Tami there, hubby and i went to Rustan's because he will buy perfume and while he was choosing the perfume i saw the big bottle of Musk lotion because of the additional 50% more so i bought one bottle because its so rare that they have this big bottle, and ang bilis maubos ha.. so lucky that i got one.

Hubby's new Clinique Happy Perfume and my Musk lotion.

Ive known musk since i was young because my tita is a fan of Musk by Alyssa Ashley. She uses this lotion since i dont remember, this milk lotion is so good in the skin and its like your wearing perfume at the same time, its so bango in the skin. Hubby and I wear the same lotion so instead of him using my Aveeno lotion, i told him to use the musk because the Aveeno is for my skin asthma.

After buying the loots, he accompany me to Healthway for my checkup and after talking with the Rehab doctor, i am then scheduled for my one hour therapy and i still have 1 more and a half time to relax. What we did is we went to KFC and takeout burgers and fries so we can parted ways because they have to leave for the outing while i went to Dave's Funhouse again and let tami eat her merienda, i stayed there for 30 minutes until Tami finished her meal then went to healthway again.

Healthway Medical

I arrived in healthway in time for my 1 hour session of therapy. I will post another entry for the findings and what happen in my therapy. After almost 2 hrs in the healthway, i was worried then that tami will look for me but im wrong, when i went there to fetch her so we can go home, she didnt want to leave the place and wants to play more. Grabe, she starts to play there at 3:30pm and would you believe that we leave the place at 8:30pm? Ang tagal kong naghintay sobra... Well sulit na sulit nman ang binayad ko sa Dave's Funhouse and super enjoy talaga si Tami.

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