May 8, 2011

Kumon experience

Yesterday (May 7, 2011) was our scheduled orientation in Kumon Las Pinas at 10:00am but unfortunately we arrived in the center past 10:00am because we had breakfast at Jollibee first before going to Kumon.

Tami while finishing her Chocolate Sundae.

Before telling what happened in the center, let me tell a brief background about Kumon.

The Kumon Method is an individualized learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start at a level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own.

The Kumon worksheets have been designed in a way that allow students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. If students continue to study at their own pace, they will catch up with their school grade level and eventually advance far beyond it.

The Kumon Math and Reading Programs equip each child with the skills needed to reach his/her potential. Through daily study of the worksheets, children acquire strong academic abilities and a solid foundation to prepare them for life.

We enrolled Tami in Kumon for her to be able to study on her own. During her nursery grade, i noticed that when she's at home, she's not doing her school works unless you will command her that she can't watch TV if she dont finish her homework, in short tinatamad syang mag-aral but when you ask her yaya and her teacher, she listens well in the school and she's smart enough to know such things. I want her to have self-learning skills and be independent in some ways.

in Kumon classroom during her exam.

Assisting with teachers.

She took exam first to know what lessons she needed next. This will assess her current ability and it will be the starting point of her learning journey. Hope Tami will not get bored doing school works everyday.

If you are interested in Kumon and you're in Las Pinas, here is the center's address:

Manuela Kumon Center
Unit N Elena Bldg
21 Rosal St. Dona Manuela Subd.

Contact Number: +632 873.6359

Tuition Fees are:

PhP 1,800/subject/month - Preschool and Elementary
PhP 1,950/subject/month - Highschool and older
PhP 500.00 One-time Enrollment Fee.

or visit their site here.

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