May 11, 2011

Dan Eric's ice cream

I blogged about ice cream yesterday and when i came home i saw this new tub of ice cream in our fridge. FIL brought the ice cream this morning for Tami. I don’t know if you heard this brand of ice cream that can be bought anywhere but for some reason, it’s not available in the leading supermarkets. You just have to find distributor and we are so lucky that there's one near our place.

Dan Eric's ice cream

Aside from Blue Bunny and Ben and Jerry's ice cream which is so expensive (around Php 700.00 per tub) that we bought once in a while or we go for Selecta as an alternative, i can say that Dan Eric's is our everyday cold treats courtesy of my FIL (father-in-law).

I was about to eat ice cream when i saw this. Hubby, Tami and the yaya almost ate half of the gallon. Grabe kumain ng ice cream. Almost everyday na lang... Buti may nagsu-supply samin ng ice cream, kundi butas ang bulsa ko kakabili ng ice cream.

Yummy ube ice cream

Overall, I am very pleased with this flavor. Actually i like it more than buying Magnolia ice cream. They have the same taste and texture, though Dan Eric's is not that popular as Magnolia, i will choose Dan Eric's over Magnolia as our everyday cold treats :)

Thanks Pa for always bringing ice cream to our house. Pwede next week Cookies and Cream naman. hehe :)


  1. hi...thanx for including dan eric's grand ice cream in your blog. =) wait for more additional DEGIC ice cream variants to be made available in the market. (MM and neighboring provinces)

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting my blog. I just want to know if you are part of the Dan Eric's company and please let me know on how to be a distributor. Im interested. Thanks