May 17, 2011

First Time Food

Last Sunday, we did our weekly grocery in SM Center and we found lots of new. Since Tami and i are the only ones doing grocery, most of the things that we bought are our personal choice. We were done buying the household needs last last week and we were supposed to buy laundry soap, oil, noodles, coffee and milk only but ended up buying all this:

Items that we bought

The things that we needed the most: laundry soap, coffee and milk.

And i wanna share our new finds or should i say first time that we're gonna try:

Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry

You know naman how the hubby and daughter eats ice cream. And its always a must to have cold treats in our fridge.

Temmy's Cereals

Its my first time that i saw this in the Hypermarket and i showed it to Tami to choose what she wants and she chose this over the Koko Krunch. Maybe the flower designs are appealing to kids because it so colorful.


I saw this once in the office. Its like Marty's. Chicharon in a healthy way. Healthy nga ba?

Selecta Low Fat Milk

You know naman that im conscious now with my body. hehe

555 Spanish style sardines

My officemate once had sardines during lunch and according to her, its 555 so when im in the grocery i look for this brand and bought 3 pcs of it. I love spanish sardines.

The ice cream

Very creamy. I still go for the chocolate flavor... Wala lang akong choice because Tami choose the Strawberry. Hindi naman ako mananalo sa kanya kaya pagbigyan na.


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