May 29, 2011

Wasted VL on a Friday

Last friday was my scheduled checkup with my Rehab doctor and at the same time therapy in Healthway ATC. The sad thing is my Rehab doctor called the clinic that she will not report to work on that day, the most important agenda of my VL was the check up because i need to ask for a Medical Certificate because it was needed in the office for documentation.

Since its too early to go for therapy and with nothing to do, i surf the net and read my favorite site PEP and other shopping online site. I was inspired also by my officemate who organize her things, its one of my "to do list" but i get lazy of doing it. After reading my officemate's blog, i decided to do it also because i really need to finish segregating my clothes to office/casual/everyday clothes. Come June we will be wearing office outfit again (semi-formal) so i need to arrange my closet again.

After 2 hrs of doing it, here is the result (take note, other clothes was still in my inlaws house in hubby's room so im still maximizing the space for the others or for the new ones)

The built-in cabinet from the apartment:
The upper part

Some of the my clothes and our jeans.

The lower part with my pambahay

This space is for our house clothes (pambahay), hubby and i are sharing this space because we dont have extra cabinets to put all these.

Still in lower part but with hubby's house clothes..

The cabinet that we bought:

This is the cabinet that we bought when we transferred here in our apartment. As you can see on the left side, im using the 1st and second level for our personal things. This cabinet has locks on the door so our important things like jewelry, documents etc are here. The 3rd and the bottom part of the left side is for my casual clothes like tshirts and polo shirts, i will be using this very seldom now because of the new policy in the office.

On the right part you will see two piles of clothes, on the left are hubby's clothes which he uses in the office or in any occasion, on the right part is my polo shirts and some of my blouses.

Currently, i have:

Casual clothes like tshirt, blouses : 68 pcs.
Polo shirts : 27 pcs
Office Polo Blouse :  25 pcs
Jeans : 13
Slacks : 6

With all these, now i know which type of clothes i need to suffice because in a few days time, im wearing again a semi-formal in our office.

Next to-do-list is the segregating of our footwears. **Calling Ayen** I need shoe bags like yours...


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