May 15, 2011

Impromptu Divisoria Trip

Few days ago, my officemates and i went to divisoria to buy party favors in preparation for our surprise party for our supervisor that happened in our team building yesterday. We met around lunch in Starbucks but took so long to order and we arrived in Divisoria mall at past 2pm. Since we dont have more time to lurk around, we did first our agenda of buying the party favors in the basement part of Divi mall.

We chose the Spongebob theme for him because it was the "in" today and we found lots of Spongebob items and party favors there.

We bought party hats, banner, spongebob shaped balloon which is so cute.

We also bought paper plates in Spongebob design and disposable utensils.

Since its surprise party, we did not buy cake because he will have an idea of what will going to happen in the party. Instead we bought cupcakes and i create a simple cupcake topper as a design... We also bought "Happy Birthday" candles as topper also in the cupcake.

My officemate (Ayen) was assigned for the party prizes so she bought loot bags together with the prizes and loots. You can view here the items that she bought.

After buying all the needed stuff for the surprise party, we went to 168 mall to look for some fab items to buy. Our outfit then should be yellow to match Spongebob so i went and look around for yellow shirt.

Overrun Hollister shirt P380.00

I bought this Feng shui jade item in one of the feng shui store in 3rd floor, i just dont remember where it was. We also bought another one as our gift to my supervisor for his display in his new house. Looks like small but the size of this buddha is big, good as display in the living area. I will not tell the price because my sup can read this... hehe..

I also bought this P50.00 short for hubby. Cute kasi ng design and color.

Our divi trip wouldn't be complete without hopia from Baker's Fair. And i bought 2 packs (Ube and Mongo flavor. If you are in divi mall, dont forget to buy these hopia because its really good, i feel that its more good than Eng bee tin hopia. Its also yummy when cold, when in house, this hopia was placed in the frigde and we'll just get if we want to eat and i tell you, even if its cold from the fridge, hindi natigas yung hopia and the taste is really good.

Since i have lots of things that i bought, i bought this sack bag from one of the lady selling different kids of bags. Cute ng design no?


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