May 15, 2011

Starbucks Happy Hour - Box Office

Sorry for the late post.

My officemates and i went to Divisoria few days ago and it was our plan to meet in Starbucks along Juan Luna street in time for the Happy Hour 50% Frap. Two of them arrived early and started to fall in line in Starbucks, actually they didn't expect the long line in that branch.

View from my teammates line. Imagine, our scheduled time to meet at Starbucks is at 12nn but me and the other arrived past 1pm. It means that my teammates was in the long line for more than 1hr. Good thing when we arrived, they were almost in the counter and ready to order. Grabe panalo ang Happy Hour ng Starbucks!

And would you believe that the releasing of the frap is in line too! We also waited for more than 20mins before our name called by the barista. And because the store is crowded with people and the weather is so hot, it feels like the aircon wasn't working because its really hot inside.

Our venti size frap in the paper bag. Waiting for the other fraps of my teammates. I really love coffees and i feel that Starbucks frap lessen its taste from before, i dont know! its like i ordered frap but when i sip it its like im just drinking cold coffee in water base. Anyway Starbucks is Starbucks and i still love coffee. I just ordered here because of the Happy Hour promo and to refresh me from the super hot weather while walking in Juan Luna going to the land of Divisoria.

Taken at almost 2pm.

View from outside the store. See the long line? They're still waiting for their turn to go inside the store and theyre patiently waiting even if its really hot outside.

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