May 30, 2011

Kid's Day

Today is holiday for us because it is Memorial day in the US.

If we parents has our own day. Then we parents give our child their day and we make it a point to give them at least our weekend which is our only available from our work. Last Saturday, we didn't go to laguna for my cousin Marvil's celebration (he passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam) because it was raining so hard and i have a scheduled therapy.

Since we dont wanna stuck in our house, we went to Starmall because hubby wants his PSP to be fixed. Even it is raining, we make sure to give our kid her day.

Tami and hubby's PSP

Since hubby's PSP is already damaged, basag ang screen and Tami's PSP recently broke, nasira ang analog. Hubby decided to transfer tami's lcd to his psp so he can bring it in the office and play with his staff. Tami's now badtrip because she cant play with her PSP anymore while hubby is glad that he can play tekken again. I requested to add bejeweled2 game so i can play during my free time.

While hubby is in the PSP area, Tami and i went to Funhouse (i dont recall its name, its like Tom's World). He ask for some money to hubby then bought P50.00 worth of token.

Get free 2 token when you buy 10 pcs.

What i dont like here in this part of Starmall is it so hot, no aircon provided in this area so imagine the kids playing in this area, partida naulan pa that time pero ang init pa rin.

Here are some of Tami's pics. I used my so-low-end fone kaya malabo yung pics. Dont worry because this week i will have my new Samsung Corby courtesy of Sun Cellular (yun oh!)

Tami's first ride

Naulan na Japorms pa rin. Actually this is the first time she uses her Old navy sweatshirt given by his Uncle BJ 2 yrs ago kaya buti na lang umulan at buti na lang maluwag pa ng konti sa kanya yung damit.

Mother and daughter game

"Practice muna Papa" - Tami

Practice din..

Father and daughter Game

Who's going to bet?

Last game

When they get tired and after consuming all the token, we went to KFC for our merienda.

Our merienda

While eating our food, there's a commotion on the other side of KFC, and the police is roaming around and he's saying something on every guests per table. I was wondering that time of what is happening until the police came to our table. He advises us to look for our things because what happened in the other side is the lady's bag was stolen inside the KFC store. So mommies out there, when eating in a restaurant or in a fast food chain, be attentive and take care of your belongings, the lady was crying because according to her, the contents of her bag was really important like her passport, jewelries etc.

There's really no safe place now so take extra care when outside. After eating the meal, we went home already

How's your weekend guys?

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