May 18, 2011

Expected Package

Yesterday afternoon, my aunt texted me to go to my Uncle's business office to get the package sent by our relatives from the US through Miguel (my cousin who recently won the Intel Science in LA). I dragged Tami with me to go in the shop while hubby is taking a bath and preparing for work.

While on the shop, Tita Ne is making kwento about Miggy's trip to US and how he won the contest. After that, she gave me the package for my family. Thanks to Cantos Family for the goods. Aside from the $$$ that i received, here are the goods for us:

Victoria Secret Bag for Tami

Yes its for Tami! For my kireng anak, ikaw na!

5 pcs blouses from Old Navy and Billabong also for Tami.


Tommy Hilfiger blouse for me

The uber comfy loafers for me... Thank you guys! It fits me well and i loved it.

My requested EOS Lip balm... Thanks Kit!

Hubby also got this RL Polo white sneakers. Saktong-sakto daw sa paa nya! Thank you daw..

To Cantos Family, thank you so much for all this loots and for the moolah $$$...

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