May 1, 2011

Fast Food: Niknok Manok

First time to see Niknok Manok fast food chain in the metro and its like Mang Inasal. When i saw this outlet, i want to give it a try and i had my lunch there when im in the Isetann Mall.

the facade

If you’re like someone who’s heavy on the rice and looking at affordable food, then Niknok Manok sounds better deal to you than eating somewhere else.

the Menu Board

Just like in other food chains, Niknok Manok has package meals also that makes it easier to order.

This is where you're going to order. Upon entering the fast food chain, you'll see the counter already. Since its new to me, i asked the counter lady about their best seller and i ordered it.

I settled to my assigned table and wait for my order. I took some pics for my blog.

The view from my place.


My order

Sizzling chicken with gravy. This is their best seller, priced at P99.00. The gravy is good and you can still ask for some more. Sizes of the chickens are pretty much similar to other fast food chain servings chickens. The red lime tea that i ordered tastes like the red tea from Tokyo-Tokyo.

Why settle for something expensive when you can get more with a cheaper deal, right?

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