May 23, 2011

Golden Lady & Asteroid Kid

Yesterday (Sunday), it was the celebration of Miggy's winning to ISEF and her mom's (Tta Nene) birthday. We all went to Bacoor Cavite for the lunch. My in-laws were also invited to the party. Only relatives and close friends are there.

Tami while waiting for us. 

I made this post for the relatives abroad. 

Kit, I took a picture of your favorite twin piggy. hehe

And the yummylicious Lumpiang Sariwa...

During this kind of parties or celebration, picture takings will not skip the celebration and also the kwentuhan. Yun nga lang ang bida sa party ay si Migs which we call him now as Asteroid.. hehe (sorry Migs)

Here are some of the photos during the party. Since family and close friends lang naman ang visitors, kaya kami lang sa picture..hehe

The oldies with Asteroid..

Silverio cousins

Hay sayang kulang tyo (Cantos kids, Unc Joey's Family and BJ).. Grabe were so big na, almost all of us are now working and mind you all are professionals... (Professional sa kalokohan!)

Kulitan moments:

And the kwentuhan starts around 2pm. The standup comedian is none other than Kuya Bing, Tta Ne also makes kwento about Miggy's trip and what happen.

All of us are laughing. Thats how happy our family is.

Miggy's Fans Club

Miggy has live interview again yesterday afternoon and we waited for it.

Serious much?

Taken at tta Ne's living room.

Tami: Mama i want this.. (referring to iPad2)
Me: You say it to Lola..
Lola: Cge bibili kita pero samin ka muna sa Laguna..

Asa na sumama yan sa laguna...

Hubby while using Damvin's iPad2.

Tuwang-tuwa si Tami...

Sorry ka anak hindi ako mahilig sa gadget, pabili ka sa papa mo yan ang mahilig sa gadget eh.. Si badz napapaisip.. ano ba talaga bibilin be mo ip4 or iPad2?  :)

napakamot na lang ng ulo.. haha
Kit, sakto na yung Billabong na damit na padala mo...Some of them don't believe that Tami is only 5 yrs old, she's too tall for her age. Kala nila 7 yrs old na :)

That was the happy bonding among us...

Happy Birthday Tta Ne and Congrats again Miggy!

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