Apr 25, 2011

Yumpanada = Yummy Empanada

Everytime im in the bus on my way home from work (around 3pm), i always think of pasalubong or merienda for all of us. Hubby always arrive early because of his sked of 6am to 2pm while my sked is at 6am to 3pm that's why he's always hungry and craving for something kaya parang its a must to buy merienda.

Last week (i think Wednesday), i went to Starmall for pasalubong, naumay na ko sa Master Siomai, Shawarma and Pancit in SM Center so i look for something that i seldom eat and that's empanada that i saw in Starmall weeks ago. To be honest, im not into empanada and its my first time to buy empanada in Yumpanada kiosk.

Yumpanada Kiosk

Since im new to this yumpanada, i ask the attendant to give me the best seller and i got Ham and Cheese, Chunky Chicken, Chili Beef and the Tuna.

4 pcs in a box

Sakto for us. Will taste all the flavor and see what's yummy.

Tami with the Tuna empanada

I gave the tuna empanada to Tami because the bread is soft. But after 2 bites, she gave it to me and said "hindi masarap".

I ask hubby to taste the tuna empanada and he also didn't like it. See his reaction? Sumimangot because he dont like it.

I ended up eating the remaining tuna empanada and i liked it.

The remaining empanada in Ham and Cheese and Chunky Chicken. I gave the Chili beef flavor to the yaya and according to her masarap naman daw, super anghang lang. hehe

My Tuna empanada. Full of fillings.

I gave the Ham and cheese to Tami because she likes eating cheese. And she almost ate the half of it which is very unusual of her, i guess she liked it.

Hubby ate the Chunky Chicken pero hindi nya naubos. According to him, the chicken chunks are so dry that it became bland to his taste.

Anyway, Yumpanada for me is good, at P16.00 each it can fill my grumbling tummy :)

Have you tried it?

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