Nov 29, 2011

Saturday Movie Date and Cafe Mediterranean

After the house visitation and late lunch (1:30pm) in Kenny Rogers at Southmall, we went home to rest for a while and freshen ourselves for our scheduled movie date in ATC. I bought the tickets in Sureseats online few days ago to make sure that we got the afternoon screening time as early as possible. So with that, hubby and I went to Atc around 4pm just in time for our 6pm schedule.

Our 2D tickets

After getting our tickets, we bought snacks first so we have something to eat while watching.. I know we're late in watching the breaking dawn, some of my officemates watched it on the first week pa lang kaya super nae-excite ako whenever they tell something about it.

Hubby bought Burger King Combo with free Coke and Lays..

On the other hand, i bought naman the Jumbo Combo from Taters that consists of Jumbo Popcorn and 2 regular soda. I also chose the newest flavor (5kinds) from Taters...

After we bought snacks, we went inside and watched the movie. The cinema is not that full and there are few empty seats in front of us. I concentrated on the movie and im so kilig over Edward and Bella.. Edward is really handsome and i really love this movie kasi talagang umikot lang yung story kay Edward and Bella. I also love the place where they held their honeymoon.

Hay.. How i wish i was in that same place also :(

This scene was part of their honeymoon... And you have to see the other scenes like in the beach and in the falls where they both jump.

I was waiting for this scene because it is where Edward broke the bed while making love. Bed breaking scene according to some. hehe

I have read the Breaking Dawn book and there are some part of the story that are not told in the movie. However, important scenes in the book were showed and the movie really goes well. Ang galing lang nila and i cant wait to see the part 2. I am excited to see how Renesmee grows faster. 

After watching the movie (around 8pm), we went first to Cellphone stores and look for a new case for hubby's iphone. We were looking for a Belkin case kaya lang wala kaming makita. We'll try some other stores next time. After going around the town and before heading home, we had our dinner first in Cafe Med.

Going Greek this time. I am not new to this palate so i was familiar with the food already.

I was the one who ordered food for us because it was hubby's first time to try Greek food.


If you love Shawarma, definitely you will love gyro sandwiches here and this condiments is much like the sauces of Shawarma.

Our Drinks

Fresh Lemonade for me
Iced Coffee for hubby

Hubby was dissapointed with his iced coffee kasi para lang daw syang uminom ng nescafe :( I tasted his drinks and he was right. I like naman my fresh lemonade.

For hubby, i chose Grilled Beef Kebab and instead of pita i ordered Basmati rice for him.

Hubby with his meal..

He liked what i ordered for him. He said that the beef was really tender and juicy. Naninibago lang sya sa lasa ng basmati rice. Based from my experience or what i know, Basmati rice was the only plain rice in Indian cuisine because usually Indian rice has coconut bits or smells coconut.

I ordered Kofta sandwich and i added fries and pickles from the Gyro Sandwiches because im still full from the snacks that we had in the cinema.

This is similar to Shawarma but bigger and full of toppings. Instead of sliced beef, this Kofta consists of Beef and Lamb meatballs.

I also ordered Panna Cota with Mango sauce 

Overall, we had a satisfying dinner. I think Cafe Med will not be on hubby's list of restaurants that he wants to go back to whenever we look for a place to dine. Its not that he dont like the food but it was not something that he will crave for.

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