Nov 21, 2011

LeapPad or Ipod Touch?

When hubby got his iPhone, my daughter always borrow his Papa's phone just to play games. I am worried that she play games that usually for adults like street fighter and some games that are not applicable for her. Would you believe that Tami knows how to play Dota and Dragon Nest? Yes its true and there are games in the iphone that she can play all by herself, hubby didnt taught her about that games. There are some na hindi namin alam kung pano laruin pero si Tami alam nya, hubby said inaaral ni Tami kung pano laruin yung particular game na yun.

With that, i look for toy that will get Tami's interests. I had one in my mind and that is the LeapPad Explorer from the Leap Frog company. I also think of Ipod Touch because i heard that there are lots of educational apps in Apple that are good for kids especially with Tami's age. I need a gadget that can change apps from time to time because my daughter easily gets bored if paulit-ulit yung nakikita nya. So now i am confused of what to give her on Christmas, is it LeapPad or an iPod Touch?

Ipod Touch image source ; Leap Pad image source 

LeapPad Features (info source): 
  • A library of 100+ games, digital books, videos and flash cards (works with all Leapster Explorer games and apps).
  • Includes a built-in camera and video recorder
  • 5″ touch screen for use with finger or included stylus.
  • 2GB of memory, enabling it to host a robust suite of apps including: innovative UltraBook apps that provide a fully interactive, multimedia reading experience with word-by-word support and state-of-the-art gameplay
  • A Story Studio to combine art, audio and writing
  • Art, Animation and Photo studios to inspire imaginations.
  • A broad curriculum including reading, mathematics, science, geography, art, music, language and culture, health and more.
  • Plus, skill levels automatically adjust the challenge to match each child’s pace.
  • Access to see learning progress through the online LeapFrog Learning Path. Parents can also share their child’s achievements, artwork and creations with loved ones.
  • Limitless learning and endless play for children ages 4 to 9 years.

Apple Ipod Touch 4th Gen Features (info source):
  • iPod touch features a second camera on the back, which lets you shoot amazing 720p HD video. And with its advanced backside illumination sensor, it captures beautiful footage even in low-light settings. All while the built-in microphone records conversations, music, or any audio at the same time.
  • There are lots of reasons you won’t want to take your eyes off iPod touch. The 960-by-640 backlit LCD display, for one. It packs 326 pixels per inch, making it the highest-resolution iPod screen ever. To achieve this, Apple engineers developed pixels so small — a mere 78 micrometers across — that the human eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. Even though you can’t see them, you’ll definitely notice the difference they make. Text is remarkably sharp and graphics are incredibly vivid.
  • Your music, photos, and video — a.k.a. all the great stuff on your iPod touch — can stream wirelessly to an HDTV and speakers. A feature called AirPlay makes it happen. It works with AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV on a Wi-Fi network.2 Just tap the AirPlay icon on iPod touch and blast some tracks, crack up over photos, or have a YouTube-a-thon. Big time.
  • When iPod came on the scene years ago, it was all about music. iPod touch is the evolution of that first iPod, but one thing remains the same: It’s still about music. With up to 64GB of storage capacity,3 iPod touch lets you keep thousands of songs with you all the time. And when your favorite artist drops an album, or you’re feeling like it’s time for some new music, the iTunes Store is just a tap away.
  • It’s hard to be bored when you have instant access to over 500,000 apps. Available in almost every category, they’re just a tap away at the App Store. And when it comes to games and entertainment titles — over 100,000 and counting — no other platform comes close to iPod touch. Which probably explains why it’s the world’s most popular portable gaming device.
  • Running the show on every iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad is iOS. It lets you browse, read, and see everything just by touching the screen. It also includes all the fun, powerful, and innovative built-in apps you use every day, many times a day. And the latest version, iOS 5, is packed with over 200 exciting new features that will make you say, “Best. iPod. Ever.”

I am continuously reading over the net of what's the best from the two gadget and what the mommies prefer for their kids. As of today, iPod touch remains the top choice. After the review here, i am more convinced with the iPod Touch.

Regarding the price, LeapPad costs around PhP8,000++ and applications ranges from $3 to $7 while the iPod Touch 32gig costs PhP16,000++ here in Manila. Another thing that will make me skip the LeapPad is that Power Mac Center here in Manila offers exclusive discount for the employees of our company that started last Oct 25, 2011 until Dec 31,2011. They offer the iPod touch 32gig for only PhP 13,400.00. Who can say no right?

Kung maaga nga lang sana na-email yung offer, sana naka-discount pa ko sa iPhone4 ni hubby. We bought the iPhone 4 last Oct 23 tapos dumating yung email Oct 25... Sayang no?  Hay...

If you are going to choose, what will you get? The LeapPad or the iPod touch? Im planning to buy my gift on 1st week of December....

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