Nov 11, 2011

Session with the in-laws

God really knows what's best for us because one of the things that i am thankful for was my in-laws. For some, they hate their in-laws maybe because they're annoying, pushy and sometimes they're not comfortable having their in-laws around especially when they are living with them. For me, i can't think of any bad about them and im just lucky to be part of their family, they're just cool and easy to get along with... Sabi nga nila masisipag at mababait talaga ang mga bisaya... hehe

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law together with her husband came home for vacation and will be back in Europe early next year for their work. They want to spend christmas here and to visit their newly bought property. BTW, i want to thank them for our new set of clothes and chocolates :)

Since were experiencing cold weather because of the rain last weekend, we decided to drink some liquers.

The liquers

RH for the boys
Boracay Rhum, The Bar and Pineapple juice for the girls..

Hubby - syempre kailangan may picture..

Me and Haidee (my eldest sister-in-law)

With my siblings-in-law..

My parents-in-law joined us in the table but they're not drinking, they join the kwentuhan lang... We are not drunkard naman kaya they allow us to drink sometimes ska hindi naman lasingan yan, pampainit lang...

We are planning to do it again on new years eve with my other sis-in-law Juvy and her husband... Saya cguro nun kasi kumpleto kami...

Eto pa isa... at may sumingit pa... hehe

What about you, do you sometimes drink with your in-laws? Ang saya no? Para lang magto-tropa..

Till next session :)

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