Oct 30, 2011

Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin..

After eating in Pollo Loco and upgrading of the iPhone will took more than an hour, we went in SM Cinema and check the screening schedule of Praybeyt Benjamin, its actually the first day of screening of this movie so we decided to watch na rin kasi nandun na rin kami. We bought tickets and get the 1:45pm schedule.

Praybeyt Benjamin tells a story of a gay son of an ex military commander who was forced to train like a military in order to save the country and his family from a national crisis. -source-

While waiting for the iPhone and movie, we walked around and checked some boutiques, We went to Kultura outlet and check some Christmas goodies, grabe paskong-pasko na sa MOA...

Our tickets...

SM MOA cinema offers Praybeyt Benjamin in one cinema only which is the Premier Cinema, the biggest cinema house of MOA... 

After getting the phone, we went to the cinema kasi baka ma-late kami... Nagulat kami sa line... sobrang haba. Its actually our first time to watch a movie on its first day and we didn't expect the crowd to be like this:

While hubby is in line, i went to the Cinema store to buy some food and drinks to munch while watching the movie. We were also thinking na baka paglabas namin meron nung mga taga-media na nagtatanong about the movie... buti naman wala... hehe

Ikaw na talaga Vice ang Unkabogable! Dami mong score kay Derek **inggit** hehe

The next movie na aabangan:

Taken by hubby using his new phone :)

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