Oct 24, 2011

Hubby's Little Surprise: Just Jewels

Just got back from our anniversary date and im still tired and sleepy. Its hubby's birthday today and we will go to our new house later.

Yesterday, Hubby and I celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary and our 12th year of being together. Hubby is not the type of guy who likes surprises, he likes giving gifts to me even if there's no occasion but this is the very first time that he gave me something that i didn't know so i was surprised by his gesture. He told me that he asks his colleagues about giving surprises and come up with the idea of giving me precious one which i really love.

I remember last Saturday, he texted me that he'll go home late from work because he was in Southmall with some of his agents and he has surprise daw for me. I was thinking na he will buy me new bag as his anniversary gift but i was wrong because instead of bag, he handed me this:

The sweet note

Hubby's Little Surprise is an Eternity Ring in White Gold set

I was in awe when i saw this because i really dont expect this... 

Is it nice?

Nice when worn...

Medyo maluwag lang ng konti because i have 6.5 size ring finger and he bought size 7 pero ok lang kasi im wearing it together with my wedding ring. 

Thanks Be. You always make me happy.... Belated Happy Anniversary..

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  1. happy anniversary to u & ur hubby! nice the gift:)