Oct 19, 2011

Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream

You know im not a makeup junkie because i have sensitive skin but after hearing BB cream I got curious so i searched the net and see what it is all about and why women go for BB creams...

BB cream known as Blemish Balm claims to be the moisturizer, sunblock, concealer and primer all in one tube so if you're using foundation definitely you will love the BB creams. According here:

The BB cream is billed as the answer to all your skincare woes in a single tube.

It brightens skin in the same way a primer does, evens out complexion like a lightweight foundation, covers blemishes like a concealer, has the hydrating properties of a moisturiser, soothes skin like an anti-inflammatory, contains UV protection — so no need for sunblock — and has the sort of anti-ageing ingredients more commonly found in serums.

In short, it’s the Swiss Army knife of the beauty industry.

When we were in Southmall, i told hubby that i have to buy new Sunblock (im currently using The Faceshop sunblock) and after going to The Faceshop, i read somewhere that Etude offers great BB creams so i drag hubby with me in Etude just to see their products...

After checking and testing some of Etude's products, i finally gave in with their bb cream so i purchased one to test if its really good to the skin aside from the fact that its like foundation but more on the light side and because its water base.

Priced at PhP 728.00, a little bit expensive than other BB creams of Etude because of its Mineral contents and it has SPF 30 which i like the most.

Precious Mineral BB Cream

My beauty regimen now includes the BB cream. After taking a bath, ill put my Olay moisturizer, let it absorbed by my skin then will put a very small amount of my BB cream. Small amount of this cream goes a long way. My only problem with Etude BB cream is the tube, it doesnt dispense easily that sometimes it squirts on my blouse or my hand.

I instantly love Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream because it gives decent and light coverage, matte result after putting on my face and its sunscreen. Now i know why women look for the best BB creams that suited their skin.

Pink Membership from Etude

After buying the Precious Mineral Bb cream, the cashier handed me the application form and the membership card for free. It is free for PhP 500.00 purchase from Etude and will earn points everytime you shop your beauty loots.

The cute Pink Membership card....

Do you have BB cream that you want to share? I heard Kanebo BB cream is also good, i will try that next time. For the meantime, i ill use the Etude because it does good to my skin and im satisfied with it!

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