Oct 26, 2011

Whitemoon Bar Night-out

Hubby and I explore the Manila Ocean Park but we didnt go to Oceanarium because we're also planning to bring Tami there. We went around and see the place. We had light dinner first in Wendy's then went to Whitemoon Bar for a couple of drinks.

Whitemoon Bar is another night spot located inside the Manila Ocean Park facing the Manila Bay where you can order from their selection of beers, cocktails and other liqueurs. Whitemoon Bar isn't the place to come for a nightlife like clubs and bars belting out a techno music but it is a good choice where you can enjoy a cold glass of beer while listening to the music and watching the sunset.

Since its too early pa, we stayed there and listen to the music before ordering our drinks.

I love the Whitemoon Bar in time for sunset. Perfect for picture taking and im sure that all couples will enjoy their quiet and romantic time here. 

Whitemoon Bar Menu

Hubby ordered his first two beers..

My first Margarita in Strawberry Flavor. Margarita is my favorite from the cocktail selection.

Enjoying our drinks and the music while kwentuhan. Wala namang ibang magbobolahan dun kundi kami ni hubby. Remember, 12 yrs na kaming nagbobolahan... hehe

After drinking a couple of drinks, we got tipsy na so we decided to stop drinking liqueurs. Rest for a while then took some pics.

Tipsy Hubby

Tipsy Me

Us celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary.

We left the bar around 7:30pm and went back to our room.

Saw this on the screen while waiting for the elevator.

Whitemoon Bar
2nd flr, Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park
Manila, Philippines

You can check the Whitemoon Bar Facebook Page.

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