Oct 26, 2011

My Gift to Hubby..

Ive been canvassing iPhone 4 in MOA 2 weeks before hubby's birthday and our anniversary pero halos wala ring difference yung price with other store. I even called Power Mac Center and Switch store and still the same price. Wala na talaga kong choice but to buy and gave this to hubby :

Apple iPhone 4 in 32 Gig

This will be my anniversary, birthday and christmas gift na rin to hubby... Mahal eh kaya isang regaluhan na lang.. haha

Aside from the price of that iPhone 4 32gig, i also pay another P1,000 for the application, bought screen protector and plastic case... Another thing is the upgrading of IOS 5. That costs a lot kaya wala na kong pang-christmas :(

Nice nga naman ang white color...

After showing it to Tami, she really enjoy playing because the application has lots of games.

See Tami? Hindi makagamit si hubby because of Tami...

Taken while inside the van going to our new house last monday.

Feel na feel ang paglalaro...

Im sure that hubby liked my gift... Kapal naman kung hindi ha... hehe

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