Mar 4, 2012

Sunday in Laguna

Earlier today, we went in Laguna for our scheduled gown fitting. Some of the relatives went yesterday and we weren't able to join because of hubby's work. We headed directly to Tta Babes house in Laguna for our lunch.

My niece CJ showed Tami her new renovated room. A Hello Kitty inspired room which my daughter requested also for her future room. The new pink room was really cute, almost all the stuff are Hello Kitty.

Bed, curtains, comforter, etc are all customized... 

Her shelves is cute too. Lots of hello kitty stuff.

Buti na lang umuwi kami kasi Tta Babes bought new designer bag pala and she was arranging her closet at naka-arbor ako ng Dooney and Bourke Bag. Lucky me!

After having lunch, we all went in Pagsanjan Laguna for the gown fitting. Here lemme show you our gown. Wala pa lang masyadong design.

Tami in her gown.

Tami and Me

Buti na lang maganda gown ko. Hindi naman masyadong mataba tingnan :)

Our day wouldn't be complete without dropping by at famous Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo in Pagsanjan Laguna. The restaurant is jampacked with people tasting the famous halo-halo. Lots of tourists are dropping by this resto along the highway. 

Halo-Halo costs P75.00 

If i were to choose between Razons and Aling Taleng's, ill choose Razon's pa rin :)

 There's also some chips and macapuno for sale in the restaurant and we grabbed some packs of this banana chips because its so good.

The famous Halo-Halo.

Have you tried the halo-halo in Aling Taleng's in Pagsanjan?

Im tired and sleepy already. I have to say good night because i have an early shift tomorrow at 6am. Till my next post.

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