Mar 17, 2012

No Time :(

Im really busy this past few days, ang dami ko na ngang utang na posts at nasa draft folder lang. I thought makakapag-blog na ko ng bonggang-bongga today kasi saturday at walang pasok pero hindi pa pala because of so much things that needs to be done.

1. We're going to Southmall today because we need to buy stuff for tomorrow's wedding (hubby and tami's shoes, hubby's suit and tie)... Hay ang daming gastos...

2. My friend will be here later in the house to bring the Silver Jewelries and some USB's na orders... I already created a small business page for me and my friend, she's the supplier and im the marketing hehe... So far we're doing good. You can view our small business page here, hindi pa nga lang masyadong maayos ha kasi wala pang masyadong time.. Don't forget to like our page :)

3. Hubby's agents will be here tonight #inumansession.

Tomorrow until monday we'll be in Laguna for my cousin's wedding... See? wala na kong time pumunta ng spa para makapag-relax naman... Babawi ako...

Have a nice weekend everyone!!! 

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