Mar 5, 2010 about dreams and future...

When im on my way to office, i saw the New Suzuki Celerio on the road and i was like "OMG! i want to have that car!" but then again its just a dream for me now..

Talk about dreams and future...

Ever since I got married, my life has totally changed, partying with friends has stopped, travelling with relatives and friends lessen and most of all is shopping, i have to think of being a practical married woman. It's not that easy to adjust especially if your doing things like that since youre a kid, i know that hubby feels the same way but after some time, we realize that as a married couple, we have to think and decide as one for our family and for our future. All married couples or every individual has their own dreams and i/we have a lot actually. 


Every married couple is dreaming of their own house and lot and i am one of them. I also think of buying a condo unit as an investment. Hehe. Of course, i want to have my own place, that is, if we were only blessed with financial wealth. With this case, im the only one dreaming of having our own place because hubby told me not to think of it because he has their hiouse, he's the youngest of three and the only boy and he assume that their house that his parents built will become his own in the future. I dont want to rely on that because even if he is the only boy, its still the decision of his parents on where to give the property.


Investment. I started having investment last year and now i am contemplating on where to get another one. There are lots of offers from insurance companies and banks and im still reviewing each plan of every company. Im still on the process of learning the flow of investments and were planning to put another one on my hubby's name before 2010 ends. **cross-finger**

Savings. This is one important thing if youre talking about building a family. Before we got married, hubby and I started our savings and we made sure that it will grow. When i gave birth, we put up a computer shop business and i became a stay-at-home-wife/mom but after 2 years we got bored and decided to sell the shop. Proceeds of the shop goes to our savings and now that we are working, we make sure that our savings will grow from time to time. We've been married for 4 years and our plans happen the way we want it.

Insurance. When i got my first job (i was 22 years old), first thing that i did was to get a life insurance and 2 more years, the insurance im paying will be fully-paid (yipee!). Thanks to my tita for encouraging me to get one. After my life insurance, we plan of getting another one and this time for hubby or maybe pension plan. Let's see.

Nowadays, its like every household has their own vehicle. My parents and sister-in-law's also has their own vehicle. In our case, we dont have one because of two reasons:

First and major reason is my hubby don't want to drive. He's comfortable of being a passenger. His license got expired 3 years ago and he never renewed it because of the same reason. He always told me that we dont need a new one because we can use my in-laws van if we want to and my father-in-law is so kind that if we need to go somewhere, he always drive for us. If you'll ask me, i study driving when i was in college but i never learned because i am scared of driving and i really got nervous. Its not my thing...pang-shopping lang talaga ko! haha

Second is we want to retire early. We can buy and afford a new car anytime if we want to but the thing is we want to secure our future first. We want to take advantage of our age, i want to save and invest as early as now so we can achieve more in the future. Hubby and I talk sometimes on when to buy our own car and were planning of 3 more years to save then we will buy our own car. Keeping my hopes up **cross-finger**.

If we were going to buy our own car, i only have 2 brands in my mind, Nissan and Suzuki. Most of our family carry the Nissan brand because my Uncle was one of the manager of Nissan before and they take advantage of the discounts and perks and what we love about the nissan is the aircon because its really cool. With the suzuki, i like it because its from Japan and we all know that japan-made is proven of quality.

Our future is our priority right now aside from the fact that we are saving for our daughter's schooling thats why we save as much as we can but we make sure that we also enjoy and indulge on some luxuries like travelling and buying what we want. Right now, i only think of two words: SAVE and ENJOY :)

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