Mar 10, 2010

LG's LCD and Home Theater System

Yesterday, i was absent from work. Hubby and I went to Abenson to buy new LCD tv for our room. We stayed there for almost an hour to check among the 3 brands of which is good. The brands are Samsung, Sharp and LG. Among the three, Hubby and I have the same choice which is LG.


With picture contrast, LG has the highest contrast ratio of 60,000:1 unlike with the Samsung and Sharp with less than 30,000:1. Also, the panel board of LG is hard which is one of the important factor in buying an LCD.

With the prices, they are all discounted: LG is now at P27,900, Samsung is 25,900 while Sharp is P22,900. With the freebies, Samsung LCD comes with a Samsung DVD, Sharp comes with a dvd and speakers while LG doesnt have any free :(

Still, we choose the new LG LCD because the Specs are really good, the manager also offered us something...

Our new LG32LH20R

The LG manager offered us the LG HT554TM model Home theather system. The original price of this home theater system is P20,000++, Since we bought the new model of the LG lcd tv, he offered us a huge discount if we bought the home theater system in cash or straight payment using credit card. 

The Home Theather system

All in all, the package price that we got for this two (LCD and Home theater system) is more than P39k plus P250.00 delivery to our house.

Do you think we got the good deal? Hubby is excited to try it. But were still waiting until tomorrow because Abenson staff will be the one to work or set-up the lcd because we want it to be wall-mounted.

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