Mar 2, 2010

Baguio Trip: Mines View

When we went at Mines View Park, there are lots of tourist visiting the area. Its Panagbenga festival so no wonder tourist places are jampacked with people.

The view from where I stand...
One of the the must-see in Mines View is the St. Bernard dog, its so huge and kinda scary..but they are well-trained so you can have your picture taken with the dogs.

There are 3 of them in the park, like what i said, you can took some pictures with the dogs, just give P10 for 1 shot or P50 pesos for 3 shots. I asked the trainer the price of a new-born St. Bernard, guess what? its P45,000 for each puppy. Pretty expensive!

You can also go shopping around the area...

And you can also rent a native Ifugao costume for P10 only..

After at Mines View, we had our lunch at Cora's Restaurant. The place is now developed to a bigger commercial space. Lots of restaurants and shopping stalls. I forgot to take some pictures of what we ate on the restaurant. All i can say is the food are very good and delicious especially the Bulalo though kinda expensive.

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