Mar 13, 2010


Sorry i dont know the english term for that. Is it pamamanhikan or pamanhikan? Whatever!

Tomorrow will be the pamamanhikan of my cousin's boyfriend and i know they are all excited to be there! They got engaged last month in Baguio and now i heard that Pamamanhikan will takes place in Las Pinas, of course were all invited for dinner. I am so happy for both of them and finally my cousin will getting married very soon. Theyre planning of beach wedding on June. So many affairs to attend on June. Another celebration is my cousins 18th birthday.. But before i talk about the birthday, let me go back to pamamanhikan. Ill post another blog for my cousins 18th bday.

Uso pa ba ang pamamanhikan ngaun? hehe.. For sure, no more dowries or dower now! haha.. In this modern times, i think no more filipinos follow the old tradition...I googled about the old tradition of pamamanhikan here in the Philippines and i found out that the tradition is giving chicken or cows to the family or anything that they have...I cant imagine those if it happens tomorrow. haha...

I remember when pamamanhikan happens to me, my parents-in-law together with the family went to our house in BF Resort, its like having dinner party but the thing is, we just talked about the wedding, the plans and getting to know each others family. The funny thing is, we plan of tying the knot but i dont want the wedding to be in church, i told them that i want it to be civil. All i got from the reactions are all negative. Why? Because on my side, i am the first from the family to get wed and on my hubby's side is he's the only boy and he wants the wedding in church.. I guess im the only want who wants in civil kaya wala akong nagawa. The pamamanhikan happened around early 2005 and we plan of getting married then by 2006. I got pregnant around mid-year of 2005 thats why the wedding happens early. haha.. di na nakahintay!

Anyway, well be going there tomorrow for the celebration and to see what dowry or what dower will be given to my cousin's family..hehe..Ill wait for the chickens and cows..haha joke lang! But mind you, during their engagement, the boyfriend gave my cousin the new model of Louis Vuitton bag and wallet! Kuya Bing told me that because he accompany my cousin's boyfriend in LV outlet in Greenbelt and the bag and wallet costs him around P80K....whoa!

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