Mar 2, 2010

Trip to Baguio with relatives

Feb 26-28 was our trip to Baguio with my relatives (cousins and aunt). At 8.30pm, they fetched me at Estrella along EDSA. Muntik na kong maiwan because i went to Market-Market with my officemates after office, i didn't know that they are around Makati na so they have to wait for me for a couple of minutes.. Hehe..Sorry guys for waiting...

Beside me is my aunt with my pamangkin, at the back were my cousins, we are 14 adults and 3 kids. Hubby and tami supposed to be with us but he has to report to his work kaya di sya nakasama, hubby told me not to bring Tami with me so i can enjoy the trip and the festival. It's my nth time in Baguio and still excited to go there.

This is my cousin and her in-laws new house in Baguio, we stayed there during our trip to Baguio. Her in-laws are so generous that they let us stay there and they even supply us with food (fresh veggies, pork and prawns).

The view from the terrace...

We arrived at 1:30am...its so cold outside..

Picture-taking in the sala area...

Thanks cuz and to tta lourdes and family for accomodating us. Your house is so beautiful. On my next post was our trip to some interesting places in Baguio. All of us are not first-timer in Baguio except for Tta Abing (beside me with wearing black jacket) so we tour her around the tourist spots in baguio.

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