Oct 2, 2012

Appreciating BonChon on my 3rd visit.

This is the first time that im going to post about BonChon. Why? Kasi na-appreciate ko lang sya on my 3rd visit :(

First try of BonChon. I was still with my previous company when my team decided to order BonChon and have it delivered in our office. Since the delivery was late and at the same time di na masyadong crispy yung cover ng chicken na-dissapointed kami lahat.

Second try of BonChon. When Bonchon open a store in Southmall i decided to try again and since some of the household never heard of BonChon, i bought a box of chicken (6 pcs combination of thighs and wings) para matikman din nila. While having dinner, i got a lot of comments na walang lasa yung laman sa loob at sobrang anghang nung spicy wings etc etc. Hubby got dissapointed too kasi di na rin crispy yung outer layer.

I chose not to dine in BonChon again after my first and second try.

My third try

When my friend and I scheduled a diamond peel session in Skin 101 last saturday, we were talking on where to have dinner after our session. I was recommending Pepper Lunch but she wants to try BonChon that time. I gave in to her request kasi first time nya eh and so we went to BonChon and fall in line.

We ordered the same thing. Combination of regular and spicy chicken meal. While eating, i realized na masarap pala sya kung bagong luto. Crispy and flavorful when its hot. I got to appreciate it and told hubby na masarap rin pala ang BonChon kung bagong luto.. hehe

So better eat BonChon in the store than taking it home.

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