Mar 21, 2011

Talk about Investments...

Are you interested with investments? All of us wants to have a better and well-off life in the future with our own family and that starts with ourselves. We have to be financially educated. I grew up in a family whose aware and always into investments and business and i thank them for that but to be honest, im still uneducated when it comes to financial education.

I grew up being a spoiled brat, tantrums kung tantrums ang drama just to get what i want. But as i grow older, my grandmother and parents taught me how to save and earn money to buy what i want. "Paghirapan ko kung anong gusto kong bilhin". So kahit spoiled ako that time, tinuruan nman akong kumain ng tuyo, tinapa etc, kung anong nasa lamesa yun ang kakainin ko. To sum it all, i am spoiled and at the same time i know how to work my ass off just to get what i want.

Back to investment. When i was in college, i read a lot about investment books to have an idea and what is it all about because i have one goal in my life. TO RETIRE EARLY. I saw some oldies (average of 60 years old) who still work just to earn money for their everyday life. Ayokong maging ganon. I am afraid if it happens to me because i dont know what will i do. Kaya bata pa lang ako, lahat ng pwedeng pagkakitaan go lang..

When i graduated and have work for the first time. Thats when i started to act to reach my goals in life. Step by step according to some financial gurus.. And ill share what i have and learn from them... AGAIN, THIS IS FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE ONLY. It is up to you if youre going to follow or not. Ill just share what i am doing to reach my financial goals.

                                                         MY FIRST STEP : SAVINGS

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I save a lot. Sakin lang naman kasi napupunta sweldo ko when im working, all our travels are from my family's expense (thanks to them, nakarating ako kung saan-saan since i was a kid). I just gave some money to my brother kasi nag-school pa sila that time, if they need something, i gave them money to buy what they need. Sometimes i treat my lola and others just to share what i have.

Now that i have my own family, mas lumaki ang gastos kasi tatlo na kami. I can say that even if we travel or buy anything, i make it a point to save pa rin. We're trying to live on a single income family para mas malaki ang ma-save nmen pero mahirap din kasi nagagastos talaga minsan yung iba..

According to financial gurus. Save a lot for some emergency needs. Before jump to another step, make sure you have at least 6 months emergency fund.


My tita is one of insurance agent under Sunlife Financial. When i got my very first job, my first plan is to get an insurance for myself because according to the guru's, you have to protect yourself first before engaging to other investment. And i guess they're right. I got a life insurance that is 10yrs to pay because that time im thinking of pension or education plan for my future family and kids. But i was too young then (21 years old) to get an education plan so instead my aunt offer a good plan that will benefit me and my family. And now i am happy kasi 1yr and 2 quarters na lang ako magbabayad ng insurance ko and then tapos na... And not only that, the premiums i paid to Sunlife is now earning dividends... Woo Hoo! Thanks to my tita..


@ Ponticelli Subdivision in Daang-Hari

Since i am married now, my hubby has participation now to my goal. He knows what im doing and he's aware that im into investments. Recently we acquired a property in Daang-Hari.

LAST STEP: My Final Investment (MUTUAL FUND)

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This is my on-going investment. You don't need big bucks just to have an investment. To some and not aware of investment, they think of it as gamble because it has risk, you can lose all your money in a day but if you leave it for long-term, in the end you will reap the benefit of it. Before i engaged in mutual fund 2 years ago, i research, read and ask some relative about this. In the end i decided to enter the world of mutual fund or uitf. And soon will open a Dollar Bond and stocks... this is the only way i can reach my goal aside from our savings. Kasi hindi ko nman makukuha ang goal ko if im just a regular employee, right?

That's it. Ive shared the steps i made in reaching my goal. Im so overwhelmed from the fact that all my plans since i was on my teenage years goes well. Its just a matter of planning and discipline. Now that hubby and i work, we can save, invest and at the same time enjoy our life... Saya dba?

Hope that in 20 yrs from now (im 50 yrs old then), i can retire from corporate life and enjoy life with my family. Ayokong sabihin na super relax n lang ako nun, cguro pa-sideline-sideline n lang to earn extra. Mahirap magsalita ng tapos pero sana ma-achieve ko ang goals ko.... *Sana*

Do you have goals in life? Share yours by leaving a comment below. Everyone are welcome :)

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