Mar 6, 2011

Chef Cindy is Cooking!

I posted that yesterday, the Yaya and my daughter join my inlaws in Batangas and we are the only one left in our home and as a housewife, it is my obligation to cook and I know for some it is really not a big deal as it is really one simple thing. But for someone like me who doesn’t even know how to tell if the meat is cook already or not, it is really a major accomplishment :)

If you know me, you know that i dont know how to cook. I grow this old without staying in the kitchen to cook... Now im still on the process of learning how to cook. Everyone was really surprised when they see my posts in FB that im going to cook for us.. Nakakatawa ang mga comment (yeah, call me pathetic but thats how it is) Tami even went to the kitchen to check if I was really cooking since she always associates cooking with her yaya who does all the cooking for us. I envy those mommies who knows how to cook delicious food. My bad!

Ok enough of this. Now is the time to show what i cooked yesterday.. None other than Sinigang.. hehe

One of the ingredients: Kangkong

And the chef started to cook.

The last ingredient: Sinigang Mix

Verdict: Perfect! hehe..

Sana ganito lang kadali magluto no? Sana lahat ng luto may instant mix na para hindi na mahirapan ang mga katulad kong hindi marunong magluto..

Mommies out there, do you know how to cook?

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