Mar 6, 2011

Ilog Maria Products...

According to Ilog Maria's site:

Ilog Maria products derive their seemingly magical results from all the beehive products that we put in them – from our own bees; which we keep organically and naturally.

All our products can be used all at the same time. We have been doing this for about thirty years. Our children have been doing this all their lives. The last time they were in the hospital was when they were born.

Ive been a fan of Ilog Maria Products. Aside from buying this products online, sometimes we go to their farm in tagaytay to purchase those goods and i must say that their products are natural and very good for the skin. If you know me, i have a skin asthma and im not allowed to use products with lots of chemical thats why im always in the hunt for products like this.

One of the Ilog Maria products that i love is the honey because its really pure, my daughter is having a spoonful of pure honey as her vitamin everyday. I started allowing Tami to use honey when she was 6 months old, i use dropper para mapainom sya ng pure honey and until now pag may nabibilan kami, we always make sure na napapainom si tami. When you see my daughter in person, she's very healthy, sobrang bihira syang magkasakit kahit sipon or ubo... Honey is really good.

Last week i decided to purchase again and this time, ill try some of their products and here it is:

Honeymilk Lotion, Royal Jelly Hair Oil, Massage Oil, Honey Face Scrub, Lip Balm and Carrot Soap.

Honey Face Scrub P154.00
Its my second time to use this and i love the result. What i do is i add some oatmeal as scrub.

Royal Jelly Hair Oil P121.00
Rejuvenates hair follicles; nourishes scalp.

Honeymilk Lotion P132.00
Also first time to use this lotion. Very cheap right? Compared to my Aveeno that costs P682.00 per bottle.

Healing Massage Oil P170.00
I love having a massage and we have it every second week of the month (during payday). And i bring my own oil. I am using Neutrogena and Nivea Body Oil but its pricey so i decided to add this to my cart and try.

Lip Balm P71.50
Im a sucker for Lip Balm and im using Ilog Maria Lip balm since before. But this is my first time that i saw it in this package. Im used to lip balm stick.. I feel messy when putting balm with this container.

Carrot Soap P66.00
Anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle soap with high doses of Beta-Carotene & Vitamin A. I heard Kuya Bing is using Carrot Soap (they're also fan of Ilog Maria products) so i will try this..

This leaflet came when my orders arrived. It tells that they now have variety of natural soaps. It is new to their products. As you can see "Made in Silang, Cavite" because their farm is located in Cavite near Tagaytay. And they dont have branch here in Manila. Either you go to their farm or order online. When ordering online, you just have to add P155.00 for the Fedex Courier.

Check their website here.

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