Mar 27, 2011

Planning of a kid's party..

My 4 year old daughter is now requesting for a birthday party. She told me last week when i arrived from work that she wants to have a Barbie birthday with her classmates. I dont have reaction at first because its normal for kids who goes to school to experience birthday party with her classmates but Tami's birthday is April and its vacation.

When hubby learned about the request of our daughter, he just told Tami that she'll be having birthday party. I dont have reaction again because i was thinking of our upcoming expenses for our house and lot. Kaya nga tipid kami dba?

Anyway, wala naman kaming choice but to give her the party. The savvy mommy here needs to look for a kiddie party package. During the weekend, we canvass and look for the possible place and it was short-listed to three options:


KFC offers Spongebob theme party package. Tami love Spongebob thats why its one of our option. We also love the food and KFC in Las Pinas is the new branch kaya for sure maganda pa yung amenities nila. What i dont like here is they don't have playground for the kids.

Party fee: P3,900 (includes cake)
Kids menu (Package 1): P134 x 30 kids = P4,020
Adult menu (Package 4): P145 x 40 adults = P5,800

Total cost for the KFC party : Php 13,720.00

OPTION 2: McDonalds

McDonalds has 3 themes namely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Princess and Toy Story. When i asked Tami about the theme, she prefers the Mickey Mouse clubhouse over Disney Princess. What i like in Mcdo is they have playground for kids and i know that tami and her classmates will surely enjoy the party here.

Party fee: P3,000 (cake is not included)
Food for the kids (Package 1): P135 x 30 kids = P4,050
Adult menu (Package 4): P159 x 40 adults = P6,360.00

Total cost for the Mcdonalds party : Php 13,410.00


This is my last option. If this will be the choice, the party will be held in our in-laws house, kasi naman hindi kasya d2 sa apartment. When we inform our in-laws about the plan, Mama agreed to celebrate the party in the house for some reasons like mas enjoy kung sa house kasi hindi ka nagmamadali unlike in Mcdo and Kfc na 2 hrs lang ang allowed sa party.

The downside of the party if it will be held in the house is its very tiring for Mama and the helpers to prepare the food and aside from that i need to attend to every details of the party because its a do-it-yourself party and nakakapagod talaga yun.

Cost depends, it maybe lower or higher from the fast-food chain because sometimes visitors tend to bring their whole family at the party.. Kaya hindi nman pwedeng per head and preparation ng food... You'll never know dba?

Hay, dont know what to choose, i still have one week to think and my reservation in Mcdo and KFC is until April 4 so i need to make decision fast. What about you? Which do you prefer?

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