Mar 27, 2011

Trip to Binondo..

Last Saturday, me and my officemates went to Binondo and Sta. Cruz because they want to visit Bro. Ben in Sta. Cruz for Feng Shui reading... We arrived there so early (around 8:30am) and the schedule of the store is at 9am so we stayed in Chowking and had a quick breakfast. After our breakfast, we walk along Ongpin Street to find the store where we bought our feng shui items last December.

My officemates (L-R) Jhoy, Hugh, Chucky and Me. Ayen was the one who took this pic.

After roaming around, we go back to Bro. Ben's store for the feng shui readings. Only three of us talked to Bro. Ben because they just accompany us and make gala... hehe

After the feng shui reading, we went back to Ongpin to buy the items or enhancers that we need. If you're planning to buy feng shui items, enhancers, etc, i suggest you look for this particular store because they sell the goods in a very reasonable price. We learned that this store is also distributor of the items thats why some stores in Ongpin also bought their items here.

Oversea Jewelry and Gift Shop..

Inside the store.. Dont foget to haggle because they are kind enough to give discounts unlike in some store, mahal na ang price, hindi pa nagbibigay ng discounts..

They bought Blue Mantra Ring also and some of the enhancers that Bro Ben suggested...

I look around inside the store and i found this items that are very nice for our house... Dba Jhoy? hehe

Foo Dogs

Foo dogs are known to Chinese as the guard of your house. I want these so for those im going to invite for our house warming, this is one of the things i like...hehe...  

Money Tree

I also like this. I think its perfect for my console table... I thinks its Php 2,950..

Sa Fengshui lang, inabot na kami ng lunch, after that we headed to Soler St. to look for the items that my officemate needed for her house. Their house is in construction already. I also joined her here because im canvassing lights and other items for our house..

Me and Ayen

We rode those sidecar na parang trike to get to Soler St. We pay P70.00 for the ride.

If you are planning to renovate or build a house, you can buy good items in Soler St. All goods regarding house from lights to tiles to bathroom fixtures are all here, its cheaper compare to mall. Soler St. can be found near 168 mall. I think its across the 168mall and 999 mall.

Our first stop is the store selling tiles... Jhoy and i inquire here because next week she'll be buying the stuff for the finishing of her house. I also inquire for my house...

If you are looking for tiles, you can view their website here.

We also went to different stores selling lights, bathroom fixtures, cabinets etc... After the trip to these streets, we went to 168 mall for our late lunch and shop a little before going home.

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