Mar 2, 2011

My Espadrilles

I posted here about my cousin selling Espadrilles and i bought 2 pairs. Yesterday, buti na lang maaga akong umuwi and i received the package from DHL

The package

My order. I love the packaging of the product.

White original design Espad (P450.00)

Wedge Espad (P500.00)

Cheap right? Just add P108.00 for the shipping and you will get this good quality Espadrilles.

My busy snow white hubby took the time to take picture of my new sandals...

Nice dba? Malabo nga lang ang pagkaka-picture kasi nagmamadali si hubby because of his game..

I love the designs and it has really good quality. My brother and hubby will order too to my cousin.

What are you waiting for? Go grab 'em here.

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