Mar 14, 2011

Family day is Sunday

Every family bonds during Sunday and we are one of those. Yesterday, we went again to SM Southmall and let Tami play while i do bank errands in BDO. After that, we went to SM Department Store to look for something to buy. I was looking for Sandals stand because ang hirap ihanap ni Tami ng gusto nya pati ang size nya malaki for a 4-years old girl. And finally we found this:

When she saw this, she grab it and ask me to bought it.

Rusty Lopez P599.00...

Buti na lang walang Crocs sa SM..hehe.. nakatipid ako. Crocs is one of tami's favorite, after having the Limited Edition of Crocs na Hannah Montana na nawala nman when we transferred here in our apartment, and everytime she saw crocs she always request to have another one.

Flip-flop for her pambahay... Ver cheap at 79.75

Ang arte ni Tami, she wants glasses daw so we bought Barbie shades for only P249.00. Mura nga naman compare sa Disneyland glasses nya before na nawala naman.

While i look for magazine to buy, she also bought small book for her. I settled for the Real Living para may idea ako on how to arrange things in our new house.

Aside from my fave Royce chocolate, i also love Meiji milk and dark chocolate.

After we bought loots, we ask Tami where she want to eat and she choose Mcdo, she told me that she want burger. Kaya pala gusto nya sa Mcdo, because the happy meal toys are Spongebob Squarepants.. Sus yun pala...

I ordered Happy meal for her and others for us, kahit sukang-suka na ko sa Mcdo ok lang basta enjoy ang bata. Dont worry Tam, i will complete the set of Spongebob for you.

Is Sunday a family day for you?

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