Mar 7, 2011

Disadvantage of Debit Card :(

I have to share my experience to you guys for you to be aware sometimes...

We have account to three banks namely BPI, BDO and Sterling Bank.

Banco De Oro

We have 2 joint accounts here, Peso and Dollar Account. Since we opened this account, i never asked for an ATM card because we dont want to use this funds because we treat this as part our investments. But last week, i requested an ATM for our Peso account because if we transferred to our new house before the year ends, SM Southmall will be far from our house so the need for the ATM came. I got my card last week.


Both hubby and I had BPI account for our payroll and Saveup. Aside from payroll purposes, we use this as our individual savings that goes to Save Up account.

Sterling Bank

I opened this account two years ago. Earnings from my sideline or raket and others goes here.

When doing grocery and other money matters, we use our Debit card to pay. My not-so-good experience happened last november. We do our grocery routine everyday 2nd week of the month. Last 2nd week of November, we purchase our groceries in SM Center and that time, i used my Sterling Bank Debit Card. What i like about Sterling Bank is they send Statement of Account every month to your house so you will be aware of the in-and-out of your money.

December came. When i received my SOA, i noticed that the amount of our purchase debited twice. Imagine if i dont receive statement of account hindi ko malalaman yun, what if it happens also with our BDO or BPI account without noticing it?

Grabe, i coordinated with SM, Sterling Bank and i even fill-up Bancnet's form just to refund the amount they get from our account. And the sad news is, its already March and until now, wala pa rin nababalik sa account namin. I am really dissapointed with it.

Mommies out there who uses debit card, make sure to check your account or SOA para sure na tama ang nadedebit sa account nyo..

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