Mar 13, 2011

Saturday Date with Hubby

Last Saturday, Tami was in my in-laws house, ako lang ang naiwan sa bahay and if boredom kills, umaga pa lang patay na ko! hehe. To kill time, i went to Southmall, i texted hubby that im going to Southmall and he texted back telling me to wait for him because his work is from 2pm.

Did you know where i stayed? In national bookstore! Kulang na lang mabasa ko na lahat ng books dun sa tagal kong naghintay. Since i was there na rin, i bought lots of folders for my file. I decided to change some of my things and one of them is the folders para syempre bago lahat paglipat sa new house. Feeling ko kasi organized person ako kaya pati sa filing of bills organized din. But i used to file all my bills since before...

While paying on the counter, i saw this:

Moods Memo Cube Pad

Price is P30.00 only.

I dont know if its sale because it is really cheap to think na sobrang kapal nung memo pad. I love writing notes especially sa house, yung mga bilin ko kay hubby and the yaya thats why i bought this.

When im home, i arrange my things and change all the folders of our bills and add some.

Some of the bills that im keeping. Did i miss something? I separated my insurance bills and receipts kaya wala d2..

Back to our date, when hubby arrived in the mall, we decided to have lunch from our favorite fast food chain KFC. What i like about hubby is he never gets tired of making kwento, from his work, kung anong napanood nya, everything that happens to him within the day then he will ask me about what i did during my time hanggang sa hindi na namin napapansin ang oras. After our lunch, we roam around the mall and he bought shirts again in Folded and Hung, purple nman ang binili nya.. Nag-iipon yata to ng damit... Dinaig pa ko!

When we got tired, we went home. As we walk by going to our home, we saw the Isaw Stand kung saan lagi kaming kumakain before, we eat again :)

Our favorite Isaw...

Hhhmm... Sarap kaya nyan!

Parang mag-bf-gf lang kami last Saturday. Even if were married na, were still the same. Dating, eating. We have time for our date and its one important things to married couples para hindi mawala yung romance (naks naman!), we have other time for our daughter (family time) para balance dba?

Ganun din ba kayo? Sarap ng ganon dba? Imagine, 12 years na kami, 6 yrs married but were still the same, nadagdagan lang ng baby.. I love it and thankful for having my hubby. I could not ask for more :)

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