Apr 15, 2012

3D2N CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Trip Series: Ramen Tei and Bourbon St. Bistro in CDO

After our tiring adventure (around 6pm), we freshen ourselves in the hotel and went out for dinner. Our hotel is centrally located in the city and right beside the famous Lim Ket Kai mall. Unfortunately, mall closes at 8pm so we have to look for other place. Ang aga naman magsara ng mall sa CDO! Good thing is there are lots of restaurants outside the mall and there's a long strip of bar on the side where local and tourists used to hang-out.

We didn't have a hard time finding restaurant. I wanna try sana the Aqua Seafood Restaurant kaya lang i have to consider our colleagues, for sure hindi magsasamahan yun kasi the restaurant's menu looks expensive. While the others went to Mcdo, Hubby and I crossed the road to Ramen Tei, a Japanese Restaurant in downtown CDO.

Shala ng restaurant na ito! Puro foreigner ang nakain...

Kamusta naman ang itsura ko! Mukang pagod na pagod na...

Si hubby naman full of energy pa...

Our Dinner:

Ramen for Me (i forgot kung anong ramen to)

I go with Ramen because i want something hot to ease the tiredness. I like this Ramen because the broth is flavorful. Para lang akong nakain sa John and Yoko ng Ramen.

Hubby's Tempura

Hubby's Meal

My dessert, Fruit Salad

They serve real fruits mixed with condensed milk. Yummy!

Before calling it a night, we drop by on the side of the mall where all the bars and restaurants are located. We stayed in Bourbon St. Bistro where we have liquor and this time our treat to hubby's colleagues..

We ordered Taco Feast that is good for 8 to10 people for our pulutan. We dont order much because were still full from our dinner. They just want to drink 1 to 2 bottles of beer. Pampainit daw. hehe

They had beers, i had cappuccino naman ;)

Calling our daughter...

We didn't stay too long in the bar because we're all tired from rafting. I just wanna lay in the hotel's bed and have a good sleep.

Taken outside the hotel...

Kulitan before going up to our respective rooms.

Tiring day but super fun!

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