Apr 14, 2012

3D2N CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Trip Series: Mallberry Suites Hotel in Cagayan De Oro

Our second day from our trip is Cagayan de Oro. We rode the ferry from Benoni Port (Camiguin) to Balingoan Port of CDO. It was the scariest ferry ride i ever had in my whole life and promise not to ride any ferry again :( Feeling ko that time mae-experience ko na ang ferry na tumaob sa sobrang lakas ng alon, para kong nasa duyan na sobrang lakas :(

Anyway, we had Mallberry Suites for our overnight stay in CDO. It is the best from all the reviews i read in Trip Advisor and other blogs. Hubby asked his cousin who resides in CDO of what hotel they can recommend. Mallberry Suites is their top choice because its new and the location is beside the Lim Ket Kai mall and walking distance to some bar and restaurants where we can hang-out at night.

Here are some photos of Mallberry Suites incase you're looking for an accomodation in CDO.

The new business hotel in CDO.

The reception area. Taken from where i sat.

Key Card

From our package. We were given 3 Deluxe Rooms.

Our Room


Coffee Area

Incase you're planning of staying in CDO, I recommend Mallbery Suites because of its location and its amenities. Rooms are clean (maybe because its new) and the people are so kind to give in to our requests :)

Here's the room rates:

Don't forget to call for an advance reservation :)

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