Apr 12, 2012

Tokyo Cafe, SM Southmall and Birthday Outfits

Last monday, Hubby and I went to Southmall after our office to buy something for us. We anticipated na konti lang ang tao sa mall because its still holiday and for sure nasa bakasyon pa ang mga tao. True enough kasi sobrang konti lang ng tao sa mall nung dumating kami, the sad thing is walang sale :(

First thing we did is to eat. We went to Tokyo Cafe because its the only restaurant in SM Southmall that we haven't tried. I already saw this cafe in Mall of Asia before but didnt have the chance to try because its either we ate in other restaurant or hindi lang namin feel that time.

Tokyo Cafe, SM Southmall

 Don't you love my new haircut?

Hubby took this. Nakita ko na lang sa phone nya to on our way home.

 Lots of utensils per table..

Our early dinner:

 For our drinks, i chose Cafe Jelly and Iced Cappuccino for hubby

 Tokyo Cheeseburger for Hubby

Kala nyo eto lang kay hubby?

 Eto pa. Rice and Wagyu Steak

 Wagyu Steak (Tokyo Cafe specialty)

I tasted this and its so tender and juicy.... Sulit naman pla sa price.

 Hubby - his skin was sunburned from Laiya trip :(

 Shrimp Aglio Olio for me :)

One word. Sarap!

Tokyo Cafe served good food. No wonder this restaurant was full when we arrived. Our early dinner costs P1,200++ but its all worth it. We are full from our meal and for sure we'll be back again next time.

After our dinner, we did some retail therapy.

 Mossimo Shirts for hubby

 Bench Jeans for hubby and me :)

From local brands, Bench and Lee has nice fit for fat like me. No need to look for branded goods because i learned to look for cheap and nice items. Di na ko tulad ng dati (ako na kasi ang nabili ng gamit ko ngaun hehe), i have my priorities now and that is my daughter.

 Paperdolls blouses for me from SM Department Store..

Ang gaganda pala ng blouses ng Paper Dolls. Mag-aabang ako ng sale next time. Do you have any idea kung ilang percent ang sale ng Paper Dolls sa Dept Store pag may sale? Each blouse costs P999 kasi hindi sale, pag sale kaya magkano na lang?

And my daughter's outfit for her birthday:

Jeans and Blouse from Peppermint

Its Kuya Bing's birthday gift to Tami. When we were in Southmall, he called me and ask kung nasan kami. Sakto naman na nasa SM kami and pinapunta nya kami sa Peppermint and let Tami choose what she want. At first Kuya Bing like the shorts na katerno nung blouse sa Mannequin kaya lang di pa pwedeng mag-shorts si Tami because of skin asthma, she has scars pa from skin asthma sa legs :( 

Kuya Bing like naman what Tami picked and paid the items. Thanks Kuya Bing for the advance gift :)

Oye! Its payday and im on my halfday VL today. We'll go to Mcdonalds later to get the prize and giveaways so we can arranged the loots here in our house. Tami's excited already sa birthday nya! Ako hindi. hehe. Laki kasi ng gastos :(

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