Apr 14, 2012

3D2N CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Trip Series: Water Rafting in CDO

This is a photo heavy post.

After checking in at the hotel, the Red Raft company fetched us in the hotel around 10am for our scheduled Water rafting. Before the trip, i was browsing the net to check the things needed on this activity. Aside from sunblock, it was also advisable to wear long sleeves to protect your skin from the sun because it is 6 long hours that you're on the raft.

Getting ready for the adventure

 This is where we had our free lunch. The free lunch consists of grilled chicken legs, Shrimps, Grilled Blue Marlin Fish and Grilled Squid, rice, fruits and soda. We didn't expect that our lunch would be that grand (all fresh seafoods) and we're thankful to the servers.. Sarap pa ng Sukang Pinakurat :)

 All set to the starting point.

 First thing to do: Wear all necessary safety gears, removed jewelry and others na pwedeng mawala sa katawan during the course. No need to worry because all the things will be kept in one bag and the company is liable for all the things. So far, kung pano namin iniwan ang gamit namin, ganun parin naman sya after.

 Second and the most important thing to do: Listen to the guide. We were divided into two groups and each group was accompanied by 2 professional rafters. You have to listen very carefully because you have to know the do's and dont's of the activity. The water rafting consists of 14 to 15 rapids.

And the adventure began:

 At first it is really scary, sa first rapid pa nga lang muntik na kong mahulog. As the adventure goes on, its really fun. Nothing to afraid of because you are with professional rafters that will guide you through the end.


 You were wondering why is the water brown? Umulan kasi that morning tapos umambon pa nung hapon. According to the pro-rafters, the rapids changed by typhoon sendong. Meron palang ganun no? Before, there are some really dangerous rapids pero nag-iba after sendong, meron namang iba na humirap yung rapids.. and they studied each rapid kung anong sagwan ang gagawin to be safe. Hirap rin pala nun.. Kala ko basta sasagwan lang. hehe

 After each successful rapids, the guide will shout "High Five" then you will raise your paddle up and shout. This is one way to release nervousness while on the course. 

As you can see behind us, there are green rafts. There are 6 to 7 companies operating in the rafting business, each company has designated color and we have the Red Rafts Company.

Our group

By the way, we avail the photo and video of the Red Rafts amounting to P2,000. This consists of all the photos and videos in CD during the course. Galing no?

I suggest you choose Red Rafts company kasi ang cool nung mga guide at ang kukulit pa. The red rafts photographer is using a DLSR and a point & shoot camera. We saw some rafting company that uses digicam only. We were also satisfied with the outcome of the photos and videos.

 There is 1 part of the river that has still water and they allow all to swim and jump. You will stay here for a couple of minutes to enjoy swimming. The question is, mag-eenjoy ka ba kung brown ang tubig? hehe

 Adrian and hubby jumps.

 Ako hindi talaga ko mag-swimming kung ganyan ang tubig.

We had really fun doing the water rafting. I braved this activity na ayoko talaga nung una. I must say that you've never been to CDO if you haven't tried the water rafting :)

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