Nov 27, 2013


My 2 friends from my previous work who also left our previous company are now active in joining bazaars, mas enjoy sila dun. Their hobbies is now their business. Their making handmade polymer clays (like what i blogged before), paracords and other accesories. Since they joining bazaars, they also added stuff na pwedeng mabili sa bazaar. Their booth is called Crafty Nerds and you can check their FB page too.

Like their FB page here.

One time, i joined them in buying materials for their accessories and we decided to go in Divisoria too. I enjoy seeing the stuff they bought and encouraged me to do it also. Since im staying in the house sometimes if i dont have schedule, i decided to try it for myself and for my daughter to kill time especially when im bored. I create some for ourselves and when i went to our broker office, the agents liked it and ordered too.

The hobby that kills my time became a small raket... hehe.. Ang daming bumili. Nakakatuwa lang. And now im making other designs because some of my friends ordered as their presents to their friends and teachers of their kids etc. From one to 2 pieces of order now became dozens because of my friends and colleague.

Here are some of my creations. They are just simple accessories kasi hindi naman ako expert d2... Im still on the learning stage. Im also selling it in a very low price. 

When worn

And when im in the house and no schedule, this is what im doing: 

Making accessories, eating and watching tv.

By the way, my friends will be having another bazaar this weekend, you may check it out:

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