Dec 31, 2012

Girl Friends Date in Sentro 1771 and Agantea Greenbelt

In celebration for christmas, my close friends from my previous company had a reunion/meet-up last saturday (Dec. 29, 2012) in Greenbelt Makati. It was supposed to be Dec. 23 kaya lang hindi magtagpo ang mga schedules namin. Good thing um-ok lahat last Dec. 29.

I've read a lot of raves with Sentro 1771 restaurant so when we are looking for a restaurant to have lunch, we spotted Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 and decided to try it.

Before we go on, let me share Patty's post regarding Sentro 1771 (read here)

Sentro 1771 Menu

A liitle bit pricey but worth it!

Free while waiting for the orders..

Hindi namin nagalaw to because of the never-ending tsismisan! hehe. 


Watermelon Shake

Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls

This is good when dipped in vinegar :)

Tomato Kesong Puti Salad

Sentro's Bagoong Rice

This is the version of kanin pa lang ulam na...

Corned Beef Sinigang

Another must-have :)

Rated GG

Group picture bago lumafang...

Kala nyo sa payat nila mahinang kumain yan? Jan kayo nagkamali kasi umorder pa yang mga yan ng extra rice! hehe

After having our lunch, we went around Greenbelt and window shopped. We saw Christian Bautista with a girl and he's so gwapo! Ibang-iba ang itsura sa personal kesa sa tv.. 

Ang mga matute while roaming around Greenbelt..

We we're looking for a place where we can stay like Serenitea kaya lang puro puno. We saw A Gantea, a taiwanese milk tea player beside Qoola.

The recommended drinks :)

Just like the other milk tea place, they also have this device.

We stayed in the second floor.

The place is really cozy and with free wifi. Another place to hang-out while in Greenbelt.

Our Milk teas

For a start, i ordered QQ Milk Tea which is one of the best sellers while the others ordered A Gantea's signature Milk tea.

QQ Milk Tea

It's really good! I like the sinkers and the drink is not too sweet.. Tamang-Tama lang ang timpla.

With my friends..

A whole day of laughter and chat is really good especially when you have a set of true friends. For sure maraming nasamid last Saturday :)

Till next time my dear friends!

Sentro 1771 and A Gantea
Greenbelt 3
Makati City

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