Dec 10, 2012

Date and Christmas Shopping Part 1 in MOA

Last Sunday (Dec 2), hubby and i went to MOA for a date. Date meaning dining, upgrading his iPhone to a new version and did a little shopping. I thought of little shopping like clothes or any small things but end up spending more. Im not complaining because it was for all of us and we all enjoyed the new toy :)

First stop was at the Cellphone shop, we upgrade hubby's phone to a new version. We leave the unit there and we went around looking for restaurant na pwede naming kainan for merienda and we decided na sa Lugang Cafe because of its Xiao Long Bao :)

Lugang Cafe Xiao Long Bao (my fave)

Fried Rice

Taiwanese Pork Steak

My date

We stayed in the resto for more than an hour before going to cellphone shop. Upgrading of version took almost 2 hrs including the installation and adding of new applications. After getting the unit, we went back to mall to shop.

After going back and forth to some boutiques, hubby finally chose Penguin, napagod ako dun ah kakaikot just to buy his new shirt. 

Penguin Shirt

After buying shirt, we canvass XBOX+Kinect to some gadget stores and we also went to Toy Kingdom. It was hubby's decision to have one kasi nag-enjoy sya sa Kinect in their office. It was the employees past time in his company so when we went to MOA, tumingin na kami and we decided na bumili na sa Gameline Store.

Xbox 360 + Kinect

Kinect is another gadget that can be connected to the Xbox console. It is the sensor part of the gadget where you can play, exercise etc just like the Wii but base on the reviews mas maganda daw ang Kinect. We even watched Youtube videos about this gadget and nakakatuwa talaga.

Free Original CD's

The package that we bought comes with the Xbox console, the kinect, 2 original CD and one controller. We were supposed to buy the 250 gig Xbox but hubby opt for the smaller gig kasi may nabibili daw na hard disk na 500 gig for xbox that costs P5,000.

Aside from that, we also bought another CD in Gameline titled Game Central 3 for only P1,850. This is the CD that hubby and some of his colleagues played in the office. It is the CD where you can dance and practice. I also bought Phillips headset for my ipod and cellphone :)

When we arrived in the house, we set-up and test our new toy.

The actual gadget.

After playing, i was amazed with the Kinect. Ang taba ng utak ng nakaisip nito. Ang galing lang!

We played bowling, volleyball, track and field, tennis, and a lot more. Mega pawis and peg namin at talaga namang pagpapawisan ka. Hindi ko na need mag-bike to loose weight kasi may gagamitin na kong bago. I recommend this gadget kasi multi-purpose na and can be use in playing and exercise :) Its been a week na naming ginagamit ang gadget and were planning to buy more CD's..

Till my next blog... we're leaving na and attend the christmas party of one of the developer in Mandaluyong. You know what? Pag nasa Real Estate world ka pala mas masarap ang pasko because when the month of December came, you will attend to a lot of christmas parties in different developers. More chances of winning sa raffles and more give aways na mare-receive :)


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