Nov 30, 2012

It's time to Shop!

Have you had your 13th month pay? 

I miss receiving 13th month pay and bonuses :(

Buti na lang hubby has 13th month pay and bonuses! Yihaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

When he arrived yesterday from work, he fetched me and Tami at nagpa-drive kami with Papa to withdraw money from his 13th month pay and drop by in Mcdo and bought meals for all of us in the house. I asked him about his 13th month pay and his plan where it will go. I was waiting for him to mention about us buying something for us pero wala :(

His 13th month will go into 3 things. Advance payment to our monthly amortization in house, Tami's advance last quarter payment to her tuition and lastly P10k to his parents as his advance christmas gift... 

I thought nakalimutan na nya kami pero hindi pala because he's planning of going to MOA pag natanggap na nya ang bonus nya :) May bonus ulit pala sila this year :) Happy family! Happy Christmas! hehe

After learning that he has bonus, bigla tuloy akong napaisip kung ano mga bibilin ko? hehe. Time to shop for gifts to our inaanaks, to my co-agents in the realty, friends and family...

Im egzayted!!!!

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