Dec 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Silverio family christmas/reunion was held at none other than Tta Babes House. Pagdating namin sobrang dami ng tao sa kubo na namamasko so we stayed in one place para di magulo. After having lunch, our family gathered to distribute gifts and kwentuhan syempre. Wala kaming ginawa that time kundi tumawa because of kuya bing and sa family ni Lola Dely. 

Christmas is really a happy holiday!

At sa lahat ng pictures, eto lang ang kuha ko... hehe..

Di ako nakapag-picture kasi daming tao eh..

And to end the blog regarding christmas, We want to thank my relatives for giving us gifts and money. Thank you so much! We loved it all!

Tta Leris for Tami's 3 shoes

And for all the gifts that my baby received, thank you!

We're still accepting gifts until January... hahaha

As for now, we're having a general cleaning in the house in preparation for new year. As you all know, my sister-in-law moved out in the house few weeks ago to their new house in Molino. They're kinda busy that time transferring from the house to their new place. Kami? we're not transferring to our new house and we'll stay here. Our new house will be available for rent anytime soon..

There are several plans in the family like my eldest sister-in-law plans of getting my parents-in-law to stay with them in their new house. The thought of three of us (hubby, me and tami) living in this big house with 5 bedrooms scares the hell out of me! Im super duwag na tao kaya natatakot ako if the plan pushed thru next month :( I was telling my sister-in-law na wag ng kunin sila mama but hubby said it was ok with him, kukuha na lang daw kami ng isa pang kasambahay. Hay... ayoko talaga na umalis sila mama d2 :(

Another plan was hubby's old room will be converted to Tami's new room. Ewan ko lang kung matutuloy ang plano ni Badz. If that happens, design and color will be in pink with hello kitty stuff. We'll see in the next few weeks... 

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