Feb 8, 2013

Birthday Week :)

My birthday falls on a weekday kaya no celebration and simply because wala akong budget.. hahaha.. I felt that time na yung birthday ko is just an ordinary day na lang, waiting sa kung anong mangyayari but what happened was lagi ako sa labas or sa mall that whole week :)

Hubby gifted me a perfume and gave it to me 2 days before my actual birthday. This is actually my perfume too, he liked the smell of this scent and he always smell me everytime i wear it. Ang bango daw kasi..

Isa lang naman ang ginawa ko nung week ng birthday ko... ang kumain:

Monday (January28) 

At Shakey's with the family.. An impromptu dinner.. Sayang wala sila Juvy para kumpleto sana.

Tuesday (January 29 - My actual Birthday)

It was a date with one of my closest friend. We had lunch/merienda in Black Canyon Coffee in Southmall. We chatted all afternoon and roam around Southmall that day. Hubby fetched me in Southmall after his office and went home together because mother-in-law cooked Spaghetti and Turbo Chicken for my birthday.. Kahiya naman kung sa labas pa kami kakain ni Badz dba?

Wednesday (January 30)

I met hubby in Tokto-Tokyo Southmall to have merienda and at the same time met with his 2 officemates who purchased property because they will submit their documents to the developer thru me :) Since i became an agent, hubby always recommend me to his agents who are interested in acquiring a property and i thank him for that :)

Thursday (January 31)

One of our common friend texted me if we can hang-out after hubby's office kasi nasa alabang area daw sya. Birthday ko daw kaya magpainom naman daw ako. I informed hubby if he wants to go out with our friend Marlon. After exchanging of texts, we all agreed to go in ATC, Marlon and I met then hubby brought with him his friend in the office. We had dinner and drinking session in Gerry's Grill ATC.

When friday came, i because busy going to developers to submit my client's documents. It was also the time i visited My Spa in Starmall to renew my membership and avail the Gold Membership that costs P2,000. You should have it too :)

Belated Happy Birthday to Me :)

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