Feb 18, 2013

Dinner Date/Meeting with Cousins in Bistecca Rockwell and Manila Peninsula

When my cousin called for a meeting 3 days ago, i blocked the date to give in to his request. Buti na lang ahead of time magsabi kasi alam nya kung gano ka-hectic ang sked ko...

The business meeting happened last friday in The Enterprise Tower in Ayala Makati at exactly 3pm and ended at 5pm. Wag ng magtanong kung anong meeting yun kasi it was their business (Kuya Bing and Marvil), they just want me to join so that i can meet this foreigner na businessman para maging contact ko and maging friendship ko na din... Well, naging friend na kami agad when my cousin introduced me and said that i was in real estate industry. (Talk about connections!) Super gwapo lang naman nya at napaka-business minded at his age (early 30's). Husband sya ng isa sa mga Gokongwei...

After the meeting we contacted some of our cousins to have dinner and we planned to try this famous Bistecca in Rockwell. Unfortunately, isa lang ang pwede sa kanila... Sayang!

The Bistecca Restaurant... taken on their official website

Bistecca's table napkin is cute, folded into suit style.

We waited for our other cousin who works in Ortigas.. While waiting, we ordered Appetizer..

The Menu

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

This appetizer is really good. Kaya ko ngang ubusin ang isang dish... hehe

Tropical Mandarin Salad

Next is this salad. Good thing we ordered this one kasi panalo ang sauce!

My cousin arrived a little late, naubos na namin ang appetizer and salad bago sya dumating, sayang di nya natikman... haha. Kuya Bing instructed the waiter to serve all our orders so we can start the dinner.

Spaghettini in Truffle Cream and Wild Mushrooms

Very creamy and i love the big cut of mushrooms and the truffle cheese.

Creamed Corn Pudding

2 orders of Truffle French Fries

We order 1 at first pero ubos agad kaya we order another round of fries.. For those na sensitive ang pang-amoy, don't smell this kasi mauumay ka at first but when you tasted it, panalo naman :)

Bistecca 122 Prime Steak 

1 Kilo USDA Prime Bone-in Rib Eye Roast in Medium Well. They will bring the whole steak in your table and they will ask you if you want them to slice the steak. The steak comes with horseradish sauce.

Aside from 2 kinds of olive oil, they will also serve 3 kinds of salt (Garlic, Truffle and Spicy). I love to blend the Spicy salt with the steak dipped in horseradish sauce... Hay.. so divine!

After all ng kinain namin, we tried naman their desserts and the chef recommends the following:

Strawberry Zabaglione

Not my type kasi na-overpower nung egg yung wine :(

Choco Lava Cake

One word. DELICIOUS!


This was supposed to be for their Valentines course but since we didn't like the Strawberry Zabaglione that they recommend, they gave us this Macarons for Free :)

Kuya Bing also ordered hot coffee after the meal...

With my cousins Kaye, Marvil, Kuya Bing and Me

It's good to have time or bonding like this with the relatives, with our busy schedules bihira na kaming magkita-kita and with this meeting/dinner, sulit na sulit ang oras namin for catching up with our busy lives and talking about business plans.. Konti lang naman kami in the family so we're planning of a get-together this coming summer :)

I also recommend Bistecca, though it has hefty price tag (our bill that night was 6k++), super worth it naman... You can visit their site and check the menu here..  In case you want to dine, don't forget to call for reservation.

After dinner, we went naman in Manila Pen for nightcap... Marvil had to leave early (11pm) because he will meet his business partner (his other business - General Contractor) in Tomas Morato.

Manila Pen lobby is still the same from the last time i went here, lots of diner..

Hot chocolate it is!

Sa Manila Pen lang ako nakatikim ng sobrang sarap na hot chocolate na siguradong babalik-balikan... A must try!

Cousins bonding...

We left Manila Pen and went home at 1am. I enjoyed doing this with my cousins.. Till next time :)

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