Jun 6, 2012

Lunch at Blackbeard's Seafood Island (Family Day)

Last Saturday we went to Southmall because we need to buy Tami's new things for school including bag and shoes, hubby also wants to buy a new pair of Havaianas.

First thing we did is to have lunch and we chose the Seafood Island. Its the newly opened restaurant in Southmall. Though i tried it in ATC before, i still wanna try some other choices in their menu because their food is really good :)

While waiting for our orders, i went outside to withdraw money because as of now they don't accept Debit Card, maybe dry-run pa lang sila kaya wala pa silang machine for cards. After withdrawing money, i bought Coffee Jelly in Starbucks for hubby.

On to our Food:

Mango Shake for Tami, Pepsi and Starbucks for hubby

Hot Green Tea for Me

Crispy Sisig

Pork Barbecue

We bought this for Tami. Since she's a picky eater we chose na lang Barbecue because she liked this one but in the end hindi rin sya kumain ng Barbecue. She's contented with the rice and shrimp.

Shrimp Rice

This was really good. Kanin pa lang panalo na! Pwede ng walang ulam that's why Tami ate only rice and her ulam was the shrimp found also in this rice kaya kami ni hubby lahat ng shrimp sa rice namin binigay namin kay Tami. 

Ensaladang Talong

Our late lunch

Photos last Saturday:

After eating, we did our agenda in Southmall. We bought Tami's new things for school like bag, shoes, school supplies etc and hubby's pair of Havaianas.

My Baby is now a lady...

Tami's outfit of the day.. (para maiba lang hehe)

Long Sleeve shirt by Old Navy
Jeans by Peppermint
Footwear by Rusty Lopez

That's how our Saturday went..

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